About Us

Nason Davis Ltd - Japanese Office
30-6 Nakamaru-cho, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 1730026

timber(at)nasondavisjapan.com| Tel: 0081 03 3958 8225


We have been a primary supplier to the Japanese market since 1993 and were one of the very first European companies to supply to Japan. Since then we have shipped over 20,000 containers, approximately a million cubic metres and Japan remains a keynote market for our Company.

We act as Agents for several selected European sawmills; both very large companies and small volume specialised producers. The sawmills fund our activities by paying a commission, which is always included in the offered price. Buyers therefore enjoy the benefit of the wide range of Nason Davis Ltd's timber experience.

Over the last 20 years we have strengthened our market position and have established our own branded products from Estonia (NDE), broadening the product range that we handle in this market. Since 2002 Toru Kobayashi & more recently Yasatuka Kudoh have promoted our products to Japanese clients. They have a wealth of timber experience and have travelled to Europe on many occasions over the years to check quality and to escort Japanese buyers around our supplying mills.

Whenever we establish a new product line or take on board a new supplying mill, we always make sure of the quality by making pre-shipment inspections and reporting to both buyers and producers our findings.

We supply both redwood and whitewood Lamina from Sweden, Latvia and Estonia. Also additional items such as Mabashira, Taruki & all Zai-ri sizes. We can source a full range of additional products from our regular suppliers.

We are suppliers of CLS (Dimension Lumber) especially for the DIY Trade, which can be barcoded in special pack sizes; we supply many non-European standard metric sizes and PET house components.

Because of our long-standing experience in the Japanese timber business our buyers can have confidence in using us as their buying channel knowing that we are at one with the quality and service the market demands.

Our supplying mills can also have confidence in our market knowledge and benefit from the production advice that we are able to give keeping them clear of potential problems in Japan.

We provide our buyers with regular updated shipping schedule information.