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Nason Davis Ltd is a unique organisation; combining a UK office, an Estonian office and a Japanese office. Our years of experience and comprehensive involvement in many markets combine to give both Buyers and Suppliers assurance and confidence.

We act as Agents for our supplying mills and supply product from Estonia, Finland, Norway, Latvia, Sweden, North America, Poland and Russia.

Our sales markets are primarily the UK and Japan with an expanding business in China and France.

We also now sell in the USA, Holland, Finland, Norway, Germany, Ireland, India, Poland, and South Korea.

In the UK we have two sales offices in Cambridge and Chester. We trade in a wide range of products; from high grade clears, Siberian larch, laminated redwood, the usual joinery grades in redwood and whitewood and lower grade pallet wood, packaging material and bearers.

Within Europe we usually trade as del credere agents for the sellers; taking on the responsibility of insuring the buyers against bankruptcy. We can provide a currency service for our buyers, both forward and spot if requested and can organise inland transport, sea freight, customs entries, import duties, Forestry Commission inspections and the like.

In Estonia we have our own trading office and three production sites – in addition we are one of the largest exporters of aspen and alder in Estonia, shipping up to 2000 m3 per month in pallet wood, bearer material and other similar industrial items.

In Japan, we have our own sales office in north Ikebukuro.

We have been a primary supplier to the Japanese market since 1993 and one of the very first European companies to supply to Japan. Since then we have shipped over 20,000 containers, approximately a million cubic metres and Japan remains a keynote market for our Company.

Nason Davis Ltd and Nason Davis Eesti OÜ have FSC® and PEFC™ chain of custody and both companies work within the guidelines set within the EUTR, European Timber Regulations Policy. Nason Davis Ltd FSC Licence Code is FSC-C118813.

Nason Davis Ltd are members of the UK Timber Trade Federation and one of the owners and Directors sits on the Governing Board of The Timber Trade Federation, the body that steer and oversee the direction of the industry. All of our business is conducted under TTF contracts. We are conduct assured by the Timber Trade Federation and are signatives of the Responsible Purchasing Policy.

We have in place an Ethical Trading Policy, Environmental Policy and a current Health and Safety regime, originally provided by Citation plc.


The company is outward looking and ready to expand further as the new owners continue to recognise the need to be flexible and nimble in the interdependent changing dynamics of our market -  we are never afraid to try new ideas and markets!

The Latin inscription on the Office wall Sundial is 'NIHIL EST CONSTANS PRAETER MUTATIO' 'Nothing is constant except change' - which on reflection is the fitting proprium for Nason Davis.

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