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Nason Davis Ltd

Nason Davis Ltd is a unique timber organisation combining a UK office, an Estonian office and a Japanese office.

We act as Timber Agents for our supplying mills and supply product from Estonia, Finland, Norway, Latvia, Sweden, North America, Poland, and several other European countries.

Our sales markets are primarily the UK and Japan with an expanding business in China and France.

We trade in a wide range of timber products; from high grade clears, laminated redwood, the usual joinery grades in redwood and whitewood and lower grade pallet wood, packaging material and bearers.

In Estonia we have our own trading office since 2002 and three production sites.

In Japan, we have our own sales office. We have been a primary Timber Supplier to the Japanese market since 1993 and one of the very first European companies to supply to Japan.

Nason Davis Ltd is  FSC® (Licence Code FSC-C118813) and PEFC certified and works within the guidelines set within the UKTR, United Kingdom Timber Regulations and EUTR, European Timber Regulations Policy. We are conduct assured by Timber Development UK (TTF) and are signatives of the Responsible Purchasing Policy.

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