About Us

Nason Davis Eesti OÜ

Kaluri 2, Tartu linn, Tartumaa, Estonia, 51004

timber(at)nasondavis.ee| Tel: 00372 7 440 435


The Company is wholly owned by Nason Davis Ltd.

The company directors are Indrek Tani and Rainar Laagus.

Nason Davis Eesti OÜ was established in 2002 in Tartu, Estonia.

Prior to the establishment of Nason Davis Eesti OÜ the principle Company members had been trading with Nason Davis Ltd for many years whilst working for another Estonian timber trading company.

The principle activities are softwood processing and timber trading. The majority of our production comes from two planing mills with combined annual production of approximately 50000 cbm further processed timber and our main focus is on whitewood (picea abies). We have the know-how for lorry, container and conventional marine transport to suit our clients’ needs.

We can offer pressure treatment with Tanalith E as well as fire retardant treatments if required.

We have close relationships with all major Estonian sawmills and we import suitable raw material for further processing to Estonia from Nordic countries and Russia.

Our main target markets are the UK and Japan together with France and China, currently we have active clients in 14 countries and we are open to new long-term co-operation possibilities.

The Company has several programs running for Japanese framing and batten sizes, components for pre-fabricated houses and DIY products. Our production for European markets include framings, cross cut components for furniture, claddings and black painted weatherboards.

We are amongst the largest exporters of aspen (populus tremula) and alder (alnus glutinosa and incana) to the UK for the pallet, packaging sector and other industrial applications.

The Company has an exemplary payment reputation and we particularly appreciate the need of liquidity for the smaller mills.

Please visit www.nasondavis.ee for more information about Nason Davis Eesti OÜ.